EXTRAVAGANZA values your privacy; our policies abide by the “Personal Information Protection Act”. Please read the following; should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

01. Personal Data Confidentiality

EXTRAVAGANZA takes the security of this website and the information of its members very seriously.EXTRAVAGANZA agrees not to share the personal information of its members to any third parties unrelated to the services of this website. Members are responsible for keeping their own username and password information confidential. Please do not pass this on to anyone. After browsing the EXTRAVAGANZA website and utilizing any of the website’s services, it is imperative to log out of your account. If you are using a shared or public computer, it is advisable to quit your browser as well.

02. Collection and Use of Personal Data

It is unnecessary to input your personal data, like your name, email address, or address, etc. to access the EXTRAVAGANZA site. Unless explicitly stated, we will not gather data from our members without their knowledge. Upon registering as an exclusive member on EXTRAVAGANZA’s website, subscribing to our email newsletter, or using any of our other services (this includes participating in any events, or accessing our related websites with any partnership companies), we will collect certain personal information. Typically, joining EXTRAVAGANZA’s exclusive membership, subscribing to the newsletter, or enlisting other services related to our  website requires the following information: name, email address, address, date of birth, gender, zip code, and other information.
For the purpose of authenticating or confirming your registration, we may also request other information. We use this information to confirm your identity, contact you, process your orders, ship products, process payments, provide customer service, process subscription or update our records. Under these circumstances, this information will be requested explicitly on our website, and any affiliated pages. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to provide this personal information; please note that in order to access the various services available on EXTRAVAGANZA’s website, some data fields are required.
To provide a more accurate web experience, we may collect information regarding the website’s traffic and other related information for statistical and analytical purposes. While we may provide this information to specifically chosen third parties, it is important to note that this information does not include any identifiable personal information.
We may also use personal information internally for the purposes of market research or understanding our consumer demographics. This is so we can improve our products and services to best cater to our customers.We will also track non-personal data, such as our visitors’ IP address and activity on the website and any affiliated pages. This will be for the purpose of updating our website and improving our user experience. This information is for analytic purposes only.
We hope to provide the best service for our members on the EXTRAVAGANZA website. Without your explicit consent or other special provisions by law, we will not expose or share your personal information to any third parties or utilize your personal information for any purpose other than those stated above.

03. Retention and Deletion of Personal Data

Unless the law extends this period, we will retain your personal data for five years upon registering to become a EXTRAVAGANZA member.

04. Data Security

We are committed to protecting the information we receive from you. Any personal information you provide to us is maintained on secure servers and anti-virus systems. We take appropriate security measures to protect your information against unauthorized access; we maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information and data stored on our system. We comply by stringent requirements for keeping your information secure, and inspect these measures to ensure they comply.

05. Accessing Personal Data

We provide mechanisms for updating and correcting your personal information for many of our services. If you would like to check, read, duplicate, add, correct, stop, use, or delete your personal information, please contact customer service and we will process your request promptly.

06. Cookie

To provide optimal service, our website uses “cookies”. Cookies are data files that are automatically stored on your computer when you visit our website. Cookies are used to differentiate between different users and used to track the pages of the websites you have visited; however, cookies do NOT retain any personally identifiable information. Only the original site that set the cookie can read its contents.

07. Links to Third Parties

The EXTRAVAGANZA website, its affiliated websites, and subsequent web pages may contain links to other sites. This is included solely for your convenience; EXTRAVAGANZA makes no representations or warranties with regards to these other sites which may contain different Privacy Policies; it is your responsibility to review those.

08. Revision of Privacy Policy

EXTRAVAGANZA has the right to revise its Privacy Policy. When we have made significant revisions to our Privacy Policy, we will announce these changes on our website with the revision of privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us [email protected]